Facing my super power.

What drives and motivates our curiosity, our need to explore? Our lives are so short, our individual existence so insignificant in the greater scope of humanity, or the planet, or the universe. Paddling around Long Island has almost no effect on any large scale whatsoever. It was purely a selfish act that only affects my personal, miniscule experience on this tiny planet. So why did I do it? I wanted to know if I could. Many people have been to Long Island, this was not a geographical exploration. This was a challenge, both mental and physical, and I wanted to know if I could actually do it.

Now that it ‘s over, I’d like to share what I now know and hopefully expand the effects of my personal experience to inspire others to go on adventures, same way I was inspired by other people’s expeditions and explorations. One trip might not make a difference, but a global community of adventurers make this world a more interesting place to spend our time. Mine is a mini trip compared to some amazing journeys, but I take it as a good start to bigger things 🙂

Prior to the trip, I wondered what it would be like to be alone, paddling day after day. What problems would arise, what solutions would I come up with, what tools did I really have to face the elements. Everything could go wrong in ways that I couldn’t even anticipate. It was all terrifying.

I also imagined that it would be a lovely trip. The beaches, the ocean, the bays, the houses, the sun, the tent.  Anxious and excited, joyfully worried, like having a super power and being afraid to use it. I kept preparing for the trip, not really ever seeing it happen. But I was on this path and as long as I played along, all I had to do was get on that board on Saturday morning and paddle south. Terrifying.

It will be a lovely trip.

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